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Now Introducing Underwater Services.









Clear View Drone Services is proud to introduce our latest's line of underwater services to include:

  • Dock Inspections.

  • Pier Inspections.

  • Vessel Hull Inspections.

  • Vessel Prop Inspections.

  • Vessel Damage Assessment.

  • Underwater Searches.

  • Structural Inspections. 

  • Water Reservoir Inspections.

  • Underwater Cable Inspections.

  • Mooring and Buoy Inspections.

  • Search & Rescue.

  • Underwater Surveying of Environmental Areas.

The list of uses for such an underwater capability can literally keep going!


Our underwater Remotely Operated Vessel has the capability to dive to a maximum of  100m (328ft) with an approximate

operating time of 1.5 - 2 hours, has 360 degrees of motion with a 4k video camera, taking 12mp stills, sporting a massive 6000 lumens of lighting power to capture stunning detail.

































If there is any other underwater service you may require, then please

 contact us

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